Digital Collections

Supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt in Halle (ULB Halle) houses, since 1998, the Middle East and North Africa Collection. This area collection provides digital services pertaining to its own holdings as well as to those of other information providers in the field of Middle East, North African and Islamic studies through its internet portal MENALIB (The Middle East Virtual Library). The fulltext repository MENAdoc, one of the modules of MENALIB, collects electronic fulltext resources (digitized books and journals as well as digital published materials). MENAdoc provides open access to all its holdings.

MENAdoc Digital Collections comprise the following collections:


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Journals of the Deutsche Morgenlaendische Gesellschaft

The Deutsche Morgenlaendische Gesellschaft (DMG -German Oriental Society) which was founded in 1845 started to publish a periodical focused on the history of Oriental cultures and languages in 1847.

The Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlaendischen Gesellschaft (ZDMG) is still today one of the leading scientific periodicals in the field of Oriental and African studies.

In addition to the ZDMG the society published for a certain period of time 3 other scientific journals which dealt with particular aspects of Oriental studies: The Zeitschrift fuer Assyriologie und verwandte Gebiete was published from 1886 until 1938, the Zeitschrift fuer Indologie und Iranistik was published from 1922 until 1936, and the Zeitschrift fuer Semitistik und verwandte Gebiete was published between 1922 and 1935. These journals represent valuable contributions to the scholaly discourse on the history of Asian and African cultures and societies and are, at the same time, an important source for the history of and current research in Oriental studies.

Turkish Studies Library of Prof. Jacob M. Landau

In 2003, the Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt (ULB Halle) purchased parts of the private library of Prof. Jacob M. Landau. The collection comprises 3.000 volumes of original source materials and secondary literature on the history of the late Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey. The collection was catalogued with support from the German Research Foundation (DFG). Also with support by the DFG, parts of the collection, comprising 345 volumes, have been transferred into electronic format.

MENAlib Digital Publications

The Middle East and North Africa Collection of ULB Halle collects and catalogues in the context of MENALIB open access fulltext publications releated to Middle East, North African and Islamic studies and makes the accessible through its electronic catalog

Islamic studies digital

The series "Islamkundliche Untersuchungen" which is published by the Klaus Schwarz Verlag since 1970 is one of the outstanding publications of Islamic studies in Germany. Klaus Schwarz Verlag and Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt in Halle publish digital versions of titles that are no longer available in print in the electronic fulltext repository MENAdoc of the Middle East Virtual Library MENALIB. Approx. 280 titles have been digitised since 2009 and have been made available so far as an important step towards a comprehensive presentation of Islamkundliche Untersuchungen as well as other series of the Klaus Schwarz Verlag on the WWW.