Document Delivery

ULB Halle - Middle East collection provides access to books, copies of articles, dissertations, and mircroforms.
For ordering copies of articles please use the document delivery service of German Libraries Subito-doc.

For ordering books, dissertations, and microforms please use the order form of ULB Halle. When using the order form of ULB Halle for books etc., please place a seperate order for each book you want to order.
Please fill in the fields as complete as possible. Quoting the "shelf number" accelerates access. Also, please fill in your contact details.

Materials are provided on the basis of the terms for library users at ULB Halle.
There are different ways to send an order to Middle East Collection of ULB Halle: Books

You may order titles found in our OPAC as well as titles that you found in other catalogues of ULB Halle

Copies of articles Please go to Subito.


For your search for literature please use the following catalogues:

  • WWW-OPAC (Monographies starting from 1991, about 60% of the historical holdings of the main library, issued between 1501 und 1850)
  • Zettelkataloge der ULB ( Alphabetic catalogues of the main library 1930-1990, Keyword catalog 1945-1990, Catalogue of University publications 1800-1990, Zentralkatalog Sachsen-Anhalt beginnings-1990)
  • Zeitschriftenliste des SSG Vorderer Orient/Nordafrika (list of journals held at the Special Subject Collection Middle East/North Africa)
  • ZDB-OPAC bzw. Databases of the GBV (recommended for the search for Journal Titles from which you want to order article copies through Subito)